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Spectro XEPOS X-ray spectrometer

spectro X

Model Spectro Xepos
S/N SPECTRO-10007084
Inst. No.: 129873
Manufacturer SPECTRO ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTS, Boschstrasse 10, D-47533 Kleve
Max. Operating Values: 50kV (dc voltage) with 1mA
25kV (dc voltage) with 2mA
Model: VARIAN VF-50JPd/S (Pd anode)
S/N: 74807-S0
Model: SPELLMAN MNX/50P50X3593
S/N: 68580-2-A02907

Technical data

Designation Value
Operating voltage range 95 – 120V/200 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Spectrometer power unit 150W (without PC)
Fuse 16A (slow-blow)
Temperature range +10˚C – +30˚C (50-86˚F)
Optimum temperature range +20˚C – +25˚C (68-77˚F)
Air humidity 10-80% (not condensing)
Helium gas flushing (option)
Pressure 1.5±0.1 bar; (21.75±1.45psi)
Quality ≥99.996% (4.6)
Consumption ≤100l/h (typically 80l/h) (during measurement)

Dimensions and weight

Designation Value
Unit height 340mm (13.4”)
Unit width 600mm (23.6”)
Unit depth 700mm (27.6”)
Unit mass Approx. 75kg (165 lbs)